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Food Vendors


The Initial registration with the application fee must be submitted by mail.

Information for Food Vendors

All Food vendors will need to fill out the APPLICATION FOR A PERMIT TO OPERATE A TEMPORARY FOOD ESTABLISHMENT and submit it to the Mitchell County Health Department  at least 15 calendar days prior to the event.

A $75 fee is required for the permit for some types of commercial food vendors. Non-Profit food vendors will not be required to pay the fee, but still need to submit the application. Contact the Mitchell County Health Department at (828) 688-2371 with questions about permitting.

TFE Exempt Permit Guidelines

Temporary Food Establishment vendors who sell only non-potentially hazardous drinks, such as fresh-squeezed lemonade, coffee, tea, etc., are not required to obtain a permit from the health department. Additionally, TFE vendors who sell only dipped ice cream, popcorn, candy apples, cotton candy, funnel cakes, soft pretzels and or pre-packaged chips or candy are not required to obtain a permit from the health department. All vendors must submit an application to the health department and they will determine if a permit and fee are applicable or not. Exempt TFE vendors SHOULD NOT submit $75 to the TRHD with their TFE application. They should, however, try to submit their applications 20 days in advance, so that payment arrangements may be made if they are determined to be non-exempt.

Stricter guidelines for TFE Permit Vendors will be in effect this year from the Mitchell County Inspections Department. Any canopy 16 feet or larger in any dimension is subject to a building permit. There must be 20 feet between each 16 foot or larger tent unless they are lined up end to end and secured together. Fabric canopies of any size must be manufactured with fire retardant materials, and must have a fire retardant label permanently affixed when food is being cooked within 20 feet of the canopy. If your canopy is 16' or larger, please call the Mitchell County Inspections Department at (828) 688-4771 or email Tommy Winchester, Building Inspector, at for detailed information. See the Food Vendor Application for details on vendor fees and rules.

Commercial food vendors must provide a Certification of Liability Insurance to be submitted with the application and fee. This certificate is not required for non-profit food vendors. Preference will be given to non-profit organizations, cooks, and suppliers of farm products from the Tri-County area.

Some foods to consider: corn on the cob, nachos, chili, popcorn, breads, salads, desserts, fresh fruit/berries, homemade ice cream, jams & jellies, etc.

Festival organizers will seek to approve vendors so that a wide variety of foods will be available to festival attendees, and to minimize duplication of menus except for the BBQ vendors.

Spaces for food vendors are limited, so apply early to nail down your space and the products you want to sell.

Setup at the Festival

On Saturday, October 7, 2023, setup begins at 8 am. Food booths should be open for business from 10:00 am until 7:00 pm. Vendors may begin to pack up, but may not start loading out until after 8:00 pm when attendees have left the festival grounds.

Apply early as space is limited!

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